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1 Day, 1 Festival - Ouaga Côté Court (Part 2/2)

After sharing good times with the Burkinabé public as you could see in the first part, here in this second part, the time has come for the Ceremony and the award ceremony.

Here is the video of "Entre Les Mots" twice awarded in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso at the Festival Côté Court.

In this second part, the video focuses on what happened in the ceremony.

Here are the different stages that I experienced during the ceremony:

Step 1: Arrival at the Festival

Once I arrived at the Festival, I was pleasantly received by the festival team and the African press with a glass of punch, a very Burkinabe and delicious specialty cocktail. Then I settled down.
The Ceremony begins! The Festival begins with a fantastic dance performance accompanied by the sounds of Burkinabe djembes. Once seated, I let myself be carried away by the event, the nominations, the look was elegant, chic, funny, spectacular and friendly all at the same time. The Minister of Culture of Burkina Faso was even present, so it was serious.

Step 2: The Jury Prize

When the Jury Prize for "Between the Words" was announced. It was the first time that I received an award for my film in person. I was very moved and I really did not believe it. Of course, I wanted to thank my entire Wady Films team and the Luxembourg Film Fund. On the video you can see that I smile, when one of the members of the jury says "And it's without tightness, and without stuttering..." Saying that, I expected they were going to hand it to me!

«Lthe captivating film "Between The Words" highlights the emotional and social challenges faced by a young student who stutters.” - Fortunet, Member of the Jury.

Step 3: The Jom Ababacar Samb Makhamar Prize

The second prize was completely unexpected...Once the Jury Prize was won, I thought it was good and that I could attend the whole ceremony, then go home... But no! at no time did I suspect a second prize! I was very surprised when the JOM prize was announced. And I think it shows in the video the reaction on my face, but that's the beauty of the awards show: the unexpected and the unpredictable. And it also shows in the way I say my speech with a lot of emotion. Let's say it's pretty crazy to be awarded twice, it was a first for me! Especially since it's the first time I've received an award in public, so I was doubly moved... It was like a dream come true. As I always say "To film a dream is to make it come true" and there it was a bit like that...
In addition, the Jom Prize is recognized by the African archive which is also represented by the name of a great Senegalese director Ababacar Samb Makhamar! It's not nothing. This JOM prize is more important to me than the first prize because it had much more symbolism, history and meaning. But that doesn't mean that I neglect the first prize since it was given to me by young students! By having the Jom Prize, according to the members of the Jury, I am now considered in Africa as a Jombard! Very strong and very moving moment.

Step 4: The End of the Festival

Here it is finished..." as Jean Louis Aubert would say, I take with me these two handmade prizes which are damn heavy. But before returning to Europe, I celebrate my victory with music and African dance accompanied by a good cocktail of punch!


I will never forget this trip to the African continent, and I think it was one of the most memorable and craziest trips I had that year with this double prize. I hope to return as soon as possible to this country because I miss it already. Maybe for a next movie, who knows? If you haven't read the first part, I invite you to read!

I also invite you to leave me a comment under this post and give me your feedback on the video I shot especially for the Vlog using my little insta360 camera, Thank you!

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