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1 Day, 1 Festival - Ouaga Côté Court (Part 1/2)

In this new section "1 Day, 1 Festival" we will talk about the Festivals in which the short film "BETWEEN THE MOTS" has been selected and which marked me. The Festivals I was able to attend of course, because unfortunately I can't be present at all the film festivals.

Ouaga Côté Court Festival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

So , I am going to West Africa for the very first time to represent "ENTRE LES MOTS" which was selected at the Ouaga Côté Court Festival (1st edition).

I have very strong memories of Ouagadougou since it is my first time in West Africa. It's the First contact, first approach, so it's all new to me!

It's also the first time I've seen my film "Between The Words" on such a big screen in a big cinema like the Canal Olympia and that I share with the public. So it was a very important and emotional moment for me.

I was able to make a video where you can see my trip to Ouagadougou in this first part (yes because the video lasts 20 minutes and therefore I preferred to divide it in two). This Blog post is also a Vlog in a way!

If I shot this video it is also to keep an immortal and imperishable memory of my coming to this adventure, because I know that it is a unique event and as a director, I could not come nor go back to a country like that without filming anything.

Then I said to myself if I don't win a prize, at worst it doesn't matter, I leave with a good memory filmed with lots of images in my head.

Burkina Faso was in the red zone at the time due to a rebellion, and it was advised not to go there right away, but I followed my instinct and went there went back because I really wanted to get to know this country. It was the only opportunity I had. In the end everything went very well and I had a great time there. I hope you enjoy this first part of the video. Feel free to comment!


To conclude,

What is important to remember in this first part of this video is that the inhabitants of Burkina Faso are very fond of motorcycling! haha no I'm kidding, it's above all the human and warm contact of Burkinabés. The fact that they invest a lot in culture, whether in dance, music, or cinema. They really love art and really have it in their blood, and they do it professionally and conscientiously.

Finally the meeting with a spectator at the end of the session of my film who loved it so much that he decided to see it again a second time also touched me a lot. (During the festival, the film was screening twice) Finally, it was the first time for me too that I had the return of African spectators.

In the next post, we will live the Ouaga Côté Court Festival ceremony in the second part of the video.

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