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“Between the words” wins the Audience Award in Belgium!

I was present for the official selection of "Entre Les Mots" at the La Roche-en-Ardenne Festival in Belgium, first edition which was surprising and incredible with a quality Jury (Philippe Duquesne, Édouard Montoute, Sophie Maréchal, Catherine Salée, Adrien François...) One of the most beautiful and majestic cinemas that I have seen, crowded with more than 300 people with with stunning short films and excellent jazz and rock musicians.

And finally to top it all off, the evening ends with “Entre Les Mots” which won the Audience Award for the first time in Belgium! All sprinkled with a good beer, Belgian friends and good fries of course!

Here are the images of the Audience Award ceremony for “Entre Les Mots” by Farid Ismaïl:

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