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“Entre Les Mots” wins the Best Director Award in France!

Entre Les Mots" wins the Best Director Award in France at the Chevereuse Valley Festival! A growing festival in the beautiful Chevreuse valley with 21 films in selection.

With so many varied and quality films, I didn't think I would win the Best Director Award. I would like to thank the Festival Jury but also my technical and artistic team without whom I would never have been able to make this film.


A festival like no other...

...since my mother was present as was my aunt from Colombia who were present at that time. So it's an even stronger moment, just like watching the film where I felt that the audience was very involved in the film. (there was not the slightest noise or breath in the room...) I hope to relive strong and moving moments like that.

Thank you Vallée de la Chevreuse!

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