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Premiere of “Entre Les Mots” in Paris!

Last September 29 was the premiere of my short film "Entre Les Mots" in Paris at the SACD (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers). After more than 5 years of work on this project (refusals, covid, postponements, rewrites...), the film is finally seeing the light of day on the big screen in Paris, my city of birth. After 90 selections across festivals around the world and 30 Awards, this Parisian Premiere is a resounding success!

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

This premiere required more than 2 months of preparation between the organization, management of the room, reservations, the caterer, the invitation of the press, the invitation of the producers, the artistic team of the film, image capture and finally the choice of presenter. I organized this screening with the aim of making this “Entre Les Mots” Premiere a unique, striking and unforgettable event. Also a way to celebrate my 40th birthday on September 21 with the public. Double Celebration therefore.

As a person who stutters, this short film touched me for its accuracy both in terms of interpretation and direction...Bravo." - Loni Inguanez

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

Welcoming guests

The public is welcomed at 7 p.m. at the SACD with champagne, lemongrass and petit fours served by Marie, whose delicious specialties come from "Le Mas de Lily" ( Melek accompanies him to serve drinks to the first guests to arrive.

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

I also welcome my guests dressed in my beautiful sparkling jacket specially put on for the occasion.

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

Among the guests, I would first of all like to salute and thank the exceptional presence of an elected representative of the Republic, Ms. Isabelle MENIVAL, advisor in charge of inclusion and equality policies in the office of the Minister of Culture for traveling to attend the premiere of my film “Entre Les Mots” exclusively.

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

I don't regret coming!" - Isabelle Ménival, advisor in charge of inclusion and equality policies in the office of the Minister of Culture.

Start of the Screening

The First Screening begins at 7:30 p.m. The pressure is building...Everyone is comfortably seated. On stage, the presenter of the event Boris Gasiorowski

(With 35 years of experience in radio and performing arts) professionally welcomes the main actor Jonathan Bartholmé, the secondary actor Jimmy Raphaël, the editor Louis Welti and myself. Actress Alyne D. Fernandes was supposed to be there that evening but she had to perform at the theater that same evening. Finally, the rest of the technical team was in Luxembourg and could not go to Paris for logistical and planning reasons. I also mention the presence of model actress Marie Brazda who was present among the audience and who participated in the film.


The film "Entre Les Mots" begins... My throat is tight, my hands are sweating... Normal...

A First, even after 90 selections and 30 Festival prizes, remains a First! We still don't know how the public will react...especially in Paris! At the end of the film after 15 minutes, the audience applauded warmly. The first reactions are very positive!

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

A fiction that talks about the disorder of stuttering with subtlety and originality! Poignant, moving and sublime! I want to see it again soon!!" - Naïma Mekkaoui
Superbly filmed short film with beautiful architectural shots and fantastic incursions. This production, so personal, addresses a sensitive and complex subject by denouncing school bullying and the suffering of those who are its victims, all with a touch of self-deprecation and irony." - Sophie Schmitt
An ode to tolerance, a touching and sincere film..." - Julien Eloy

Speech therapists have their say

While the Presenter Boris begins the questions/answers with myself and the film crew around the film. Following a question about the speech therapist who appears in the film nicely played by Elisabeth Chuffard. I decide to invite Ms. Véronique AUMONT-BOUCAND on stage in order to highlight the kindness of current speech therapists. It seemed important to me to ensure that the film was not only cultural entertainment, but also a social springboard that allows communication with those who support people who stutter. This is why I wanted Ms. Véronique AUMONT-BOUCAND to speak in order to raise awareness of the profession of speech therapist and to allow debate with the public who may not know this profession.

Site of the speech therapist Ms. AUMONT-BOUCAND: trainers/

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

If there are subjects that are rarely covered in cinema, stuttering is one of them. However, it affects 650,000 people in France alone. The Parole Bégaiement Association (APB) represented by Mr. Olivier Humer who was present for the premiere of “Entre Les Mots”, does tremendous work with speech therapists to help and support anyone who stutters. I invite all people with this oral disability to get in touch with them in order to feel less isolated: https: //

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

End of Evening

The evening ends after the second screening with self-description subtitles for the hearing impaired, with a smile on your face. I came away very happy and fulfilled with a feeling of accomplishment and of something accomplished, even historic and memorable.

I barely have time to thank everyone personally for coming before the place closes at 10 p.m.

To conclude, I would like to thank those who contributed to making this event a success:

Ms. Isabelle Ménival, advisor in charge of inclusion and equality policies in the office of the French Minister of Culture.

The Wepa Agency for press relations and communication (

Ms. Véronique Aumont-Boucand and Mr. Olivier Humer from Association Parole Bégaiement for their presence at the premiere.

Alain Paute from the Self-Help association, which brings together people who stutter, for his presence.

Mounah Bizri from “Tous eloquent” ( for helping me communicate the event.

Boris (Host of “Balance ton court” film screenings Instagram: @balancetoncourt)

Antoine Rambaud for helping me organize this event and film it.

Chloé Mittelman for filming and helping with the production.

Marie for the caterer and champagne and Melek (Le Mas de Lily:

Suresh Kerketta for his incredible photos with his cinematographer's eye.

(instagram: @suresh_kerketta.82)< /span>

Brice and Charles, the projectionist and manager of the SACD, for ensuring the projection.

And finally you audience who came to attend the premiere of “Entre Les Mots” in Paris!

Photo credit: Suresh Kerketta (insta: @suresh_kerketta.82)

For those who were unable to attend the screening of “Entre Les Mots”, other screenings will soon take place in France and around the world.

You can also view all the photos of the Première Parisienne on Facebook in the section. News from the site.

Thank you!

- Farid Ismail (with the participation of Agence Wepa for the editorial)

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