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Welcome to the Blog of the short film "Between The Words" and the website

Why a Blog?

As you know, I released a short film called BETWEEN THE WORDS produced by the Luxembourg Film Fund in association with Wady Films. This short film addresses the theme of stuttering and it seemed obvious to me to make a site on this subject.

The fact of making a blog allows me to talk about the film without necessarily being in a purely promotional approach, but above all to highlight the subject of stuttering which is little discussed in the cinema and on a daily basis. It is also a way for me to discuss with you and to allow everyone to express themselves while keeping you informed of the news of the film and to raise the voice to those who cannot take it. Freedom of expression being an important theme these days which tends to be forgotten, it seems important to me to communicate freely on it thanks to this site and this blog.

International poster of the movie BETWEEN THE WORDS designed by Roberto Lezama

The site also centralizes everything concerning "Entre Les Mots", namely documents, photos, videos, screenings, broadcasts, press releases...


And the blog part is to freely discuss my personal point of view around the film and to share it with you. This blog is therefore above all a diary of everything that happens around the film, before, during, or even a diary at times... But it is also there to announce events at festivals, to share with you anecdotes around the film, and all the work that was done for "Entre Les Mots". I hope to be regular in the publication of my posts on this blog. I estimate to do it 2 to 3 times in the month maximum to be regular and bring you interesting content.

I hope you enjoy the site and the creation of this blog, I invite you to leave me a comment to tell me what you think. You can interact with my post or ask me questions if you want. You're welcome !

- Farid, Director of "Between The Words

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