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“Between The Words” Available on VOD

"Between the Words" is finally available on VOD and accessible on the site !

the short film on stuttering "between the words" is finally available on VOD

Last October 22 was World Stuttering Day. On this occasion, the film is finally released on streaming platforms and is now available in VOD (Video On Demand)

The short film "Entre Les Mots" is distributed by Origine Films.

I am proud to finally have my short film accessible to everyone! Since the time I've been told "when can we see your film?" Well here it is finally online on V.O.D!

I am even more proud as I enjoy collaborating with Origin Films. which is one of the most renowned distribution companies in the short film industry with an impressive catalog of French short films.


Comment, like & share!

I hope you enjoy the film, don't hesitate to leave me your comments below or on the page facebook from the film "Entre Les Mots". It's always good to have your feedback on the film! what is your favorite scene for example?

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