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“Entre Les Mots” wins 3 Prizes in Spain!

Good! With so many selections, I clearly cannot be available everywhere...

So I let the main actor of the film Jonathan Bartholmé go to the SECINDI (Diversity and Inclusion) Film Festival in Spain in Mérida (Mérida, the city like in Mexico except that it's in Spain ) to represent the short "Entre Les Mots".

And it is with great surprise that I have since learned that we have won 3 Prizes!

3 Prizes in 1!!!

This is the first time that the short film "Entre Les Mots" wins three prizes in one festival. The record was that of the Ouaga Côté Court Festival with 2 prizes. So I thank the SECINDI Festival very much for putting our film forward so much.

  • First Prize for Best Film: “Between the Words” by Farid Ismail

  • Best Actor Award: Jonathan Bartholmé in "Entre Les Mots"

  • Audience Award: "Between the Words" by Farid Ismail

"I find myself through your looks and your smiles..." - Jonathan

BEST ACTOR AWARD: Jonathan Bartholmé in “Entre Les Mots”

Jonathan declares in his speech: "I would like to congratulate, above all, the SECINDI foundation for the work that was done to make this Festival possible. It's unique, and festivals like this are far too rare and it's essential. I'm glad I made the trip to Mérida." He adds: "I don't speak Spanish, but I look at the images and I see the looks, the smiles, the facial expressions that emerge... It's touching, I don't understand everything but I find myself through all these things..."

He concludes his speech with: "This prize helps to promote Luxembourg cinema."


PUBLIC AWARD: "Between The Words" by Farid Ismail

This time it was me, Farid, who spoke via a remote video that you can see below. "Thank you Secindi Public! I am very happy to win the Audience Award.

This is very important to me and incredible. I am very happy that you were able to hear and understand the message of the film. Above all, I wanted to denounce school bullying through this film, but also the depression and suicide of young people because of it.

This is why this film is aimed at the younger generation and serves as a cry of alarm.

Because this short is not only aimed at people who stutter, but also at all disabilities such as the deaf and hard of hearing, but also at those who cannot express themselves because they are painfully shy or because ;they have a great lack of self-confidence. With this public prize, you, the public, have made sure to raise the voice of those who cannot take it and thus give them voice, value, recognition and hope. Thank you again for this Audience Award, because you are the audience and you have simply be the Best Audience."

FIRST PRIZE FOR BEST FILM: "Entre Les Mots" by Farid Ismail

This time it was me who spoke via a remote video which you can read below:

"I am very happy that 'Entre Les Mots' won the First Prize, that of Best Film in Mérida. I thank the technical and artistic team with whom I was able to make this film, the actors, the casting...I thank everyone who supported me in difficult times. These three awards are incredible and a true show of strength. I would also like to emphasize that stuttering is not a handicap for me, but a strength. A strength that allowed me to make this successful film and which today wins so many awards."

"No hay discapacidades, solo hay capacidades." - Farid

The SECINDI festival is known for highlighting all forms of disability, and I am proud that stuttering is highlighted in this festival, just like mutism.

Since their live on Instagram, the ceremony was very touching, beautiful and moving. There was a jazz concert (a cover of Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow") as well as a sign language translator during the winners' speech, which seemed very good to me and vital for the hearing impaired. .

The main actor of the film "Entre Les Mots" Jonathan Bartholmé spoke about the great initiative of the SECINDI Festival:

"I was charmed and truly surprised by the welcome I received in Mérida at the Secindi festival. The members of the festival paid attention to the smallest details, so that everything went smoothly. Not speaking Spanish, I even had the right to a personal translator, who helped me during interviews, speeches, but also in simple discussions with people." declares the actor of “Entre Les Mots”. He adds: "It was very touching to meet these lovely people who work on the cinematic representation of people with disabilities. In this vast world that is cinema, it is important not to forget those who, certainly, are not widely exhibited on posters or in the media, but who, on their own scale, contribute to shaping a more cinematic diverse and facilitate access to films for people who are often excluded."

Recognizing the triple success of the film, he declared: "It is in this very warm context that I had the honor of going on stage and receiving the Best Actor award, as well as the Audience Award and for best production, awarded to Farid. It means a lot to me to have positive feedback on my game and to receive an award for it is simply magical!"

"It was therefore a discovery for me that I will not soon forget. This weekend will forever remain memorable, not only for the architectural and historical beauty of Mérida, but above all for its inhabitants that I met, who contribute to the influence of their hometown in the most beautiful way." concludes Jonathan Bartholmé.


To Conclude,

As you can see, I am not the only representative of the film. As a director, this film is the work of a whole team. I owe the strength of the film above all to the remarkable acting performance of Luxembourger Jonathan Bartholmé who alone carries the film. We worked together to achieve this solid result and it's a real pleasure to work with Jonathan. Thank you again to the Secindi Festival for this beautiful and triple recognition of "Entre Les Mots".

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